You’re a Butterfly That Can’t Spread Her Wings

Your rebel soul is tired of just existing, of just getting by.  You’re a butterfly that feels like she can’t fully spread her wings and show off all her gorgeous colors.  There is no doubt that discovering or perhaps, rediscovering what your soul is calling you to do is vital if you want to truly live from a place of happiness and joy.  You make it through every day.  Your body gets fed…sometimes with a little too much food or maybe even a little too much wine, but is your mind being fed?  Is your soul being fed?

You’ve done what you thought you were supposed to do.  The expectations of others, as well as the expectations you placed on yourself, have brought about the life you now lead, but when you hit the breaking point and just can’t take the endless feeling of emptiness inside, you have to admit that there must be a big gap between what your soul’s intention in this life is and what you are actually doing.  This what I call the soul gap™.

Soul Gap™ = 
your soul’s mission – your active participation

Initially, the gap may not seem so bad.  You get by.  You talk yourself into believing it’s all okay.  Well-meaning friends, family, and even some coaches, teachers, mentors, tell you that it’ll all be okay if you just meditate a few minutes every day.  They tell you that you just need to start a gratitude journal or make a dream board.  If you just practice a little self-care, you’ll be fine.   Right? 

None of that works…

Come on!  We know that none of that works if you’re truly in the middle of “Oh my god, what is the point of my life?! Seriously, I know there’s something more…something else I’m supposed to be doing!”

It changed my life, but it wasn’t a one time deal

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Meditation, shamanic journeying, gratitude journals, dream boards, affirmations, reading and absorbing personal growth books like a crazed librarian jacked-up on coffee are actually great things to do.  I practice meditation.  I do a “Janelle” version of a shamanic journey weekly without fail.  I suck at gratitude journals (ack!), but I’ve created dream boards, moon boards, read and studied tons of personal growth books.  I’ve invested over $20,000 in coaches and mentors, and my entire graduate education was in transpersonal and spiritual psychology…so another $100,000+ invested.  And, yes my transpersonal studies changed my life.  In fact, I give credit to my grad school mentor more than anyone else, but it wasn’t just one thing or a one time deal.

The 180 degree turn

It took years of personal growth work or…did it?  In all honesty, it happened instantly.  I knew that moment in my dance studio that I had hit the wall.  Then, when I was finally doing the work on myself, I made a 180 degree turn.  One exercise completely shifted how I looked at myself and my family in an instant. Let me share that exercise with you now…

Excerpt from Soul Gap: Rediscovering the colors of your soul and fulfilling your life’s mission.


A Life Shift

I was working on an assignment in my master’s degree program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in California.  Papers were spread out all over my desk, the floor and on top of the filing cabinet.  Even though I agree that we need to declutter for energy to flow better, when the message is powerful enough it’ll break through the mess, the clutter, the chaos…nothing will stop it.  It’s okay.  I promise you don’t have to be in a perfect space or a perfect state of mind to experience a shift.  I reiterate that it helps, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

That one exercise changed my life

The exercise I was working on required that I think of myself as a little girl.  I was to imagine  being upset by something – a particular incident if I felt secure enough emotionally to go there.   Then, I was to imagine my adult self comforting my child self through the situation.

As my adult self wrapped its arms around my imagined version of my child self and let her know she was loved and that I had compassion for her, I broke down and started sobbing.  In that instant, I finally learned how to love myself and have compassion for ME.  I had always been so hard on myself.  But, finally I knew it was okay to just be me!

With or without your parents’ love

It doesn’t matter if your parents love you more than anything – mine did and still do.  It doesn’t matter if you had great friends and amazing teachers.  None of that can truly make you love yourself.  That has to come from within.  And, one exercise can’t necessarily make the difference either.  It’s just that the timing was right and I implemented what was given to me.  I’m sure you’ve heard it said many times over, but when the student is ready the teacher appears.

Answer the Call of Your Soul Assessment

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