Unleash Your Inner Powers – VIP Intensive

This one-day intensive is meant for the woman writer, who has put everyone before her for too long, but now she’s ready to reclaim and unleash her inner powers for the world to see.  She’s ready to connect with her spiritual self, her writer self, her spirit guides (and maybe her characters as guides), her dreams and the Universe.  She’s ready to apply that guidance in a practical way, so she can fulfill her life’s purpose.  Learn more.

Live Alive, Lead Aligned – Private Coaching

This one-on-one coaching program is for the “tired of just existing – there’s gotta be more to life” woman.  She’s ready to take a deep dive into discovering her soul’s mission and building a bridge between that mission and her work, her writing and her life.  She isn’t afraid anymore, but she isn’t sure where to start or she doesn’t know how to expand what she’s already doing and wants powerful, kick-ass coaching so she can truly live ALIVE.  Learn more.