You’re a Long Way From Where You Thought You’d Be

It’s okay.  That’s the most important piece to understand -that it’s okay!  But, now that you’re fully aware of being in a space that you didn’t expect and in this case, didn’t want at this point in your life it’s time to do something about it.

The question is are you ready to actually take action and make the changes you need, so you aren’t still in this same spot six months or a year from now? 

Below: Excerpt from Soul Gap: Rediscovering the colors of your soul and fulfilling your life’s mission.

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Instant Change or Life Long Learning?

“When you’re ready – really ready – for a shift in perspective and in life, the opportunities (the teachers) will begin appearing.  Sometimes it will feel like an instant change, but if you take a 30,000 foot view, you’ll realize that the process is really all about life long learning.  

Most people fear change.  The basic belief is that humans, overall, tend to fear change.  Yet, the only guarantee…the only permanent thing is change.  Everything is impermanent.  Sure, the ocean seems to constantly be there, but every single wave that crashes on the shore is different in one way or another.  It’s a little bigger this time.  It carries a handful of seashells next time.  A baby sea turtle dives under the waves heading out to the sea grass.  A surfer paddles out to catch the next big one.  Seaweed washes up on shore.  The next wave fills in the footprints you just left.  They’re all different.  

Why do you expect your life to stay the same?  Why should it?  Change can seem daunting.  It’s a big deal.  Wouldn’t it just be okay to shove your feelings of wanting more back down and keep living the status quo?  I can’t speak for you, but for me that was and is a resounding ‘NO!'”

You had dreams.  You had hopes. Where’d they go?

What was your dream?  When you were a little girl what is that you dreamed of doing? Did you go after those dreams?  Oftentimes well-meaning people in our lives derail us from achieving them or from trying in the first place.  But, right now you’re feeling the call…again.  Are you going to allow someone else to hold you back again or are YOU going to face the fear and create the change  you crave?

Yes, you’ll experience unexpected changes -positive and negative-, but only you can decide if you want to stay in the same spot for the next six months, the next year or the next ten years.  It’s really no one else’s choice.  It is truly yours.  

We DO Need Support

Making big changes in our lives can seem crazy to some of those around us, but we DO need support.  I don’t care who you are…we all need it.  But, that doesn’t mean you need to stay stuck in a place you don’t want to be -emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually.  Nope.  We need support from those who understand and have been there.   

That’s exactly why I do the work I do…because I know there are women who need MY support.  Are you one of them?

There Is Hope and There Are Answers

Your first step is recognize your soul gap.  If this post has hit home for you, then you’ve developed a soul gap (Soul Gap = Your soul’s mission – your active participation).  So, if you’re ready to create a big shift and make a bigger difference in your life and perhaps the lives of others, then we need to talk.  

Get on my calendar for a quick call to see if working together is a good fit for both of us. Just click here.

Janelle Alex – THE Women’s Shaman & Transpersonal Business Coach for Successful Women who feel the call to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

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