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The Daily Grind – 3 of 3

Recap: Day in and day out, it’s the same old thing – the daily grind.  You trudge to work or you search for new clients or you do another load of laundry or you rush home before the kids get off the bus or maybe, just maybe, you sit at the computer for hours hunting desperately for what it is you’re supposed to be doing in the world.  Which scenario below do you recognize yourself in?

Excerpt from Soul Gap: Rediscovering the colors of your soul and fulfilling your life’s mission.

Scenario Number Three…

Kids are grown and out of the house

Your kids are grown and out of the house.  You have a full calendar filled with amazing clients.  You have a good relationship.  Your finances are in good shape.  You’re healthy.  You get to travel a couple of times a year.  You should be totally happy – right? 

Why do you keep feeling lost?

So, why do you keep feeling lost?  Feeling like there is something you’re missing?  Feeling like you’re supposed to be doing something bigger?  You look in the mirror and ask, “Crap! Who am I?  I mean really.  Who is the person looking back at me?  I know her, but I don’t.  Have I really lost myself?” 

Are you running in place and running out of time?

At this point in your life, you suddenly feel like you’re overlooking something.  You want to do something crazy – something for yourself, but something that makes a big difference in the world.  You want to feel full of life again.  You have a deep desire to set your soul free, but you feel like you’re running in place and running out of time!

Which one is you?

Which scenario from these last three weeks did you connect with the most?  One of them?  More than one?  A mix?  It’s time to discover your soul gap, dear one! 

Missed scenario one or scenario two – go back and read them now.

Janelle Alex – Transpersonal Business Coach & Shaman for women who want to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

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