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Answer the Call of Your Soul – Even When Life is Chaotic

Answer the Call of the Your Soul

Your Dreams Are Waiting for YOU

There isn’t time to figure it out

I’ve heard it so many times – “I feel like there’s something bigger I’m supposed to be doing, but I don’t have time to figure it out.”

Really?  Do you think the answer will just come to you magically as you’re going through your day?  Sure, there is a teeny-tiny chance that that might happen.  But, it is highly unlikely.

Tomorrow will be the same unless

Tomorrow will be the exact same as today unless you make the commitment to change it.  No one else is going to follow your dreams – only you.

Wait!! That isn’t totally true.  Somebody else may be following your dreams – BUT it’s really their dream.  It just so happens that it’s so similar to yours that it seems like it is yours.  

Stop being selfish

When you hold yourself back due to fear or the excuse of not having enough time, you’re actually being selfish.  There are people who need you (or maybe it’s the environment or animals that need you).  

When you stay stuck in your life and feel afraid to go in a new direction, then you’re keeping your gifts, your strengths, your ability to uplift/protect/inspire, your inner qualities – you’re keeping them all from those who need them most.  

It’s time to stop being selfish – because that’s what holding back really is.

Take a Bold Leap

Isn’t it time to take a bold leap in your life?  Isn’t it time to create real change within you, so that you can make a bigger difference in the world?

I get that change can be super scary.  We’re human and we’re taught to fear change – to step outside of our comfort zone.  I hear you.  And…I’ve been there.

But, you don’t have to figure this out on your own.  My calling is to be here to empower you, inspire you and guide you.  My something bigger in the world is helping you take a bold leap and step into your life’s mission fully and brazenly in a way that fits you and your lifestyle!

If you’re ready, then let’s have a conversation. 

Answer the Call of Your Soul Assessment

Schedule a 20-30 minute call with me – it’s totally complimentary.  I’ll help you discover what your soul is calling you to do right now.

If we’re a good fit for one another and you feel compelled to take the next steps needed to Answer the Call of Your Soul, I’ll offer to talk with you about how we can work together.

Janelle Alex – Transpersonal Business Coach & Shaman for wild women who want to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

Soul Gap: Shouldn’t I Be Happy

Sunset at seaSoul Gap: Shouldn’t We Be Happy

I was successful…and you’re likely are, too..

I had a very successful business – shouldn’t I’ve just been happy?  Some of my students were given the opportunity to perform during the half-time show of the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, and later during a Harlem Globetrotters game at DePaw University.  In fact, over the next few years I took other students to perform during half-time of the Orange Bowl in Miami and the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. 

Many of my kids competed regionally and nationally and earned tons and tons of awards.  They did a great job for being recreational dancers from a small redneck town 🙂  Those students who didn’t compete performed locally or just enjoyed their classes.


Excerpt from Soul Gap: Rediscovering the colors of your soul and fulfilling your life’s mission.

But it all came crashing in on me…

My class rosters filled every year to the point of overflowing at times.  People recognized me in the community, and sometimes shocked me by treating me like a local celebrity – that still blows my mind.  But, on that one day everything just came crashing in on me.  I LOVED my girls and the handful of boys I taught.  I adored most of their parents. 

Laugh and have fun when encountering challenges

All of my classes, from my pre-schoolers to my high schoolers to my oldest student, who was 78 at the time, got way more than how to correctly do a plié or a step-shuffle-ball-change.  I taught them to laugh and have fun when encountering challenges.  I taught them to never give up.  I taught them to have confidence in themselves.  I taught them to put trust in the right coach or mentor.  I taught them to go after their dreams.  But, I had hit this wall where it felt like I was just starting over every August with “step, heel, step, heel, step heel, toe”.

It was the same thing over and over…

Autumn after autumn, I was once again choreographing new routines for the spring recital and competitions throughout the year, and teaching little Susie how to do a cartwheel.  Of course, a lot of my students were with me from age three or four all the way into high school, and they certainly weren’t starting over every year, but my soul was calling…and it wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Geesh, get over it!

Yet, I still kept asking myself, “Come on.  Look at all you have.  All you’ve accomplished.  How much those kids adore you.  Shouldn’t you be happy?  What the hell else do you want?  Geesh  Janelle, get over it!”

Don’t ignore your future and your dreams believing that you should just get over it!  

Janelle Alex – Transpersonal Business Coach & Shaman for wild women who want to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

Soul Gap: That Moment

It’s a soul gap…

You know that moment when you suddenly realize there’s gotta be more to life? You’re successful and life is good, but deep down you know you’re missing something, but you can’t put your finger on what that “something” is.  Your soul is calling – you need to answer the call.


Excerpt from Soul Gap: Rediscovering the colors of your soul and fulfilling your life’s mission.

That Moment

Standing in front of the mirrors in my dance studio it hit me…and it hit me hard.  What the heck was I doing?  I was supposed to be doing something far bigger than I was.  But, what the hell was it?!  There I was working on new choreography for one of my students’ classes and I suddenly felt lost in a sea of despair.  Thoughts of how I was doing the same thing year after year started to fill my head.  Thoughts that my life felt like it was on a wash, rinse and repeat cycle rushed over me.  I shook those discouraging ideas out of my mind, and tried to refocus on the task at hand.  But, they didn’t go away.  Instead, I just swept them under the rug until I had no choice but to face them again.

Started first company at 19

Approximately eight years before that moment, I had courageously, boldly and perhaps, a bit naively, opened my dance studio.  I had been only 19-years-old starting my first company, and though I loved dance down to the core of my being I had a number of career directions bopping around in my mind.  On the one hand, I had wanted to teach dance since I was eight and had been assistant teaching for six years already.  On the other hand, I had a deep desire to go off to college and study marine biology (or more likely animal behavior – but I didn’t know that then) or yet on one more hand I had a passion for psychology. 

But, you see, I grew up in a small town that believed, for the most part, that women were supposed to be secretaries or just get married and stay put.  Even my high school teachers and counselor, told me that I should stop taking so many dance classes and attend a typing test competition regularly!  

I was told I’d never make it – be a secretary instead

I’m not kidding.  During a shorthand class (yes, they encouraged us to take shorthand even in the 80s), Mrs. R. ripped me up one side and down the other in front of the whole class for going to dance rehearsals on the weekends instead of attending the elite Business Professionals of America competitions.  Over the next couple of years, other teachers told me I could “never make any money owning a dance studio”, and when I asked about marine biology the male counselor blew me off and told me to focus on business classes. 

Finally, during my senior year, when I was bored out of my mind with the accounting lab I was in and requested to drop it and pick up the introduction to psychology class, it took some arm twisting to get the counselor to agree to it.  I believe they all meant well, but their beliefs had boundaries around what women could or should be doing.  So, when the opportunity came up for me to start a studio, I think I took what almost seemed like the easy way out.

Was I a little crazy?

Does that sound a little crazy?  Starting a company at 19, going into thousands and thousands of dollars worth of debt, having no business plan, no business experience, and four well established competitors in the same small community?  When I look back, I agree it probably was a little crazy.  But, dance was something I knew inside and out.  I loved it, and it lit me up.  I couldn’t seem to decide on a college degree, and I would’ve had debt there, too.  Furthermore, I’d fallen into a relationship that wasn’t supportive of me going to college.  I ended up choosing the path of staying in my home town, marrying before I was twenty and playing somewhat small by creating a career around what I knew so well.

Janelle Alex – Transpersonal Business Coach & Shaman for wild women who want to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

Dress Like Women Is a Gender Role Issue Going Beyond Women

Dress Like a Woman

It’s not about politics…it’s about gender roles.

So, IF someone told you how to dress based on your physical sex – to “dress like women”, how would you feel about it? This isn’t about politics. This is about gender roles.

“Dress like women” – Is it true?

Sure, sure…there are allegations that the new US president has told his female staff to “dress like women”…and though there is a huge backlash/response to it on Twitter and in the media, to the best of my knowledge there isn’t actual proof of this claim as of yet.
But, the point that this brings up is how willing are you to allow someone else to control how you dress? Whether or not you wear make-up? Whether you wear high heels or flats, calf-hugging boots or work boots. Whether you paint your nails or proudly display your work roughened hands?

What if he wants to wear a feminine tie or eyeliner?

In my view this isn’t just about women – but about GENDER ROLES in general. What if a man wanted to wear a more feminine shirt or tie? That should be just as acceptable as if a woman chooses to wear pants as part of her attire.
If a man chooses to wear eyeliner, he should be able to do so without judgement. If a woman chooses to NOT wear make-up or to NOT wear a skirt or dress, she should be able to do so without judgement. Actually, if she chooses to wear skirts and dresses, she shouldn’t be judged for that either.
Yes, there are other cultures and religious beliefs that have different views – clearly, I’m not a part of those.

Dress appropriately for work – what might that mean?

Should we dress appropriately for our work environment? Of course, but dressing professionally or dressing effeciently does not mean that women and men should dress drastically different from one another – unless you personally choose to.
On a side note, if you choose not to wear undergarments, please do not do cartwheels in front of other people! Just a few days ago a substitute teacher in OK has been charged with doing exactly that – wore a skirt, no undies, did cartwheel in front of high schoolers, kids captured it on video. That’s not cool – male or female.

Where do you stand?

As a woman, where you do stand on appropriate attire/appearance? Think about it before you answer. Be honest with yourself. Women sometimes are more likely to judge other women on their appearance than men judge other men. So, look deep inside your own views and beliefs.
As a woman leader, what examples are setting – intentionally and unintentionally? –Yes, I’m willing to ask you tough questions 🙂
For me, I’m proud to have casual shots that I share and use in my work and promotions. It’s who I am. I say…be who YOU are and show up in a way that feels most appropriate to you.

Janelle Alex, Writing Coach for Women who want to make a big difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

Are You Living Your Dream or Someone Else’s

Are you living your dream or someone else’s?

Tiptoeing around puddles…

You’re walking along the sidewalk with a bright pink umbrella open over your head.  Tiptoeing around puddles to keep your adorable heels safe and dry.  You’re precariously juggling your handbag, tote bag and laptop bag as you make your way to your office.  

Wait…maybe you don’t work in an office.

love in the rain

You’re walking along the driveway with a bright pink hoodie covering your head from the rain.  Tiptoeing around puddles to keep your adorable fluffy slippers safe and dry while precariously juggling two extra bags of trash to the curb you wave bye and blow kisses to your kiddos as they get on the school bus.

Colored trash bins used to recycle paper, plastic and glass. Digital illustration.

Little diamonds winking at you…

Suddenly, the sun peeks out behind the clouds, and instantly warms your face.  You put away your umbrella (or toss off your hoodie) and the tiny sparkles in a nearby puddle catch your eye.  They’re like little diamonds winking at you.  You look up to see a gorgeously colorful rainbow seemingly right in front of you.  And, it hits you how amazing your life truly is, but you come to a dead stop on the sidewalk.  Those timeless thoughts come to the surface yet again – isn’t there more to life than this?  What are you missing?  What about YOUR dreams and YOUR passions?  What is your purpose?  Aren’t you supposed to be doing something more?  You feel it in your gut and on a soul level.  

Success winner woman standing with arms up joyful after outdoors workout. Half silhouette on sunny warm summer day with city skyline in background, From Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Your dream or someone else’s…

The rain starts to fall again in huge plops.  The rainbow doesn’t fade though.  Instead, it appears to transform into a path enticing you to travel along it, but before you can place your high-heeled shoe (or slipped encased foot) upon it a car drives by splashing a massive puddle on you and you wake up!

Do you ever feel like you’re living someone else’s dream?  That your dreams are out of your reach or that you were never allowed to go after them?  Or have never allowed yourself to dream to begin with?

Woman stands in praise before a beautiful night sky.

You aren’t good enough…?

Cultural and societal belief systems have a habit of teaching young girls that they can’t do, be or have the things that are their deepest desires.  The fiery passion and the life purpose that burns vivaciously at the core of young girls’ souls is far too often suffocated by authoritative figures.  These figures range from parents to teachers to religious leaders to political leaders.  Girls are taught from a young age that they aren’t good enough, smart enough or brave enough.  They’re too emotional and irrational.  Belief systems such as these, whether intentional or not, lead young girls down paths that have been heavily traveled by those before them instead of encouraging them to explore and blaze new trails – to follow the rainbow and see where it leads. 

But you’re here to follow your rainbow.  You’re here to blaze new trails.  And, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone…and I’ve been looking day and night to find you!

Are you ready to connect with other women trailblazers?  

Join us here in my Facebook Group: Women Blazing a Trail

The Daily Grind – The dog…oh no!

The Daily Grind

Does this sound familiar?

The Alarm Clock

It’s another day.  You wake up to the blare of your alarm clock.  You stretch, yawn and pull the covers back over your head.  Then, you remember it’s a weekday.  Next minute you’re rushing here and there to get everything done that everyone else needs from you.  A nice long hot shower is very likely not in the cards for you.  Instead, it’s a quick jump in, get washed and get out. 

spiral watch

Everybody Wants Something 

Before you can get clothes on or dry your hair, the dog wants out, the kids are asking where they left their books for history and science class, your sexy -OMG he left the dresser drawers open again- partner is yelling up the stairs asking where his phone is, and your mother is texting to ask how to log-in to Facebook, again!  Ack, you just told her how yesterday. 


The Extra Mess

The kids books are in their backpacks like always.  Your partner’s phone is on the bedside table…like every morning.  And, the dog…oh no!  Poor girl, she couldn’t wait any longer.  Why couldn’t someone else take her out?!  Now, you have an extra mess to clean up before you can get everyone out of the house and get to work. 

Chaos to Bridging the Soul Gap

Experiencing this chaos day-in and day-out will take a toll on you.  In fact, simply surviving the same daily grind over and over again can create a soul gap.  But, there is a way out.  There is a way to bridge your Soul Gap™.  

First, understand what a soul gap is.  

Soul Gap = Your soul’s mission – your active participation.

You feel the call to do more, to be more…yet, to do it without the utter chaos that the typical daily grind tosses at you.  How can you do that?  It starts with recognizing your soul gap.  That truly is the first step!


Soul Gap: Rediscover the colors of your soul and fulfill your life’s mission will be released on December 26th.  Are you ready, to take charge of your life and finally make the impact you know you’re being called to make?  Then, put your hands in the air because I’m not about to leave you behind.

In the meantime, come join me and a phenomenal group of women in Women Blazing a Trail via Facebook.


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