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Passionate Women Writers on Purpose…writing for change

Called to Make a Difference

Are you feeling called to make a difference?  You’re sick and tired of being silent?  Or you want to spread your message further…get your voice heard?  You want to speak out, but you either don’t know where to start or you’re looking for even more avenues to share your impactful words.

Looking out at the sea, one day last year, I remember wondering why I was feeling so called to get involved in empowering women and girls -in a different way than I’d done my entire career and adult life.  What exactly was I being called to do?  I kept feeling the nudge, but this was before the election, before the major upheavel that our country unknowingly was getting ready to face.  My soul was calling stronger than, perhaps, ever before.

Passionate Women Writers on Purpose

Eventually, my passions, skills, education and experience merged into creating Passionate Women Writers on Purpose.  It’s frickin’ awesome and I’m excited to team up with so many beautiful and powerful women while helping them learn how to write in a way that connects with their readers and creates change.

BUT, my soul was still calling and my guides kept telling me it was time to step up and lead.  Wasn’t I doing that already?  Yes, on some levels, but I knew there was more.  Today as I sit and write this for YOU -for all my sisters- I’m asking something of you…

“Will you join me?”

Join Me in Writing for Change – Share Guest Posts Here

Do you want to share a powerful article that we can post here on the site and share across  my reach to my email list and on social media of 50K+?

Potential topics are nearly infinite.  As long as the topic you propose to me is meant to create an impact on readers to come together, support or advocate for others, understand those different from them, realize they aren’t alone, or any number of a very long list of other possibilities that are, at the core, moving towards positive change, then you have a very good chance of getting your article approved to be posted.

Submit Your Idea

If you’re ready to join me and create a movement through writing, then send me an email –

Make sure you place “Guest Post Proposal for PWWOP” in the subject line.

Include a topic that you can write a 750-1500 word article on.  If the topic is too big for less than 1500 words, it can be broken into parts, which may be shared over a period of days.