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Women, The World is Calling On YOU Right Now to Stand Up

Women and women writers, the world is calling on you, right now, to STAND up, STAND out and get your voice heard.

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

This if for all women as well as women writers.  I came across a beautiful example of a Passionate Woman Writer on Purpose…writing for change. (She may not be a book author, but she wrote for change on her blog.)  I shared this post in my Facebook group, Passionate Women Writers on Purpose this morning.

Clearly the US is in an upheavel right now. And, as women leaders we have to take a stand for what is right. Sitting back and remaining quiet makes us part of the problem – not part of the solution.
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Take action to help support positive change

No matter what it is that you stand for, you need to do just that – STAND up, STAND out, and get your voice heard. This is ultimately why I do my work in the world…to help you do that in an impactful way that fits you and helps you take action to help support positive change.
I know colleagues and various members of my above mentioned group who do it in different ways. Some are passionate about animal rights…and one of my colleagues created an organization to save and protect pit bulls. Another writes to create change for transgender kids and their parents. These are just two examples. But, after this past weekend, sharing the post I came across of Layla’s was highly appropriate.
Little girl in hijab 

Light a fire under your butt to take action

If you’re like me -especially if you’re a white woman (because we ARE privileged – like it or not) who is focused on creating positive change for ALL- then, you may very well like reading this article.  “I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One)” by Layla Saad.
If nothing else, I hope it lights a fire under your butt to take action that will help promote positive change around whatever you’re most passionate about. But, never just sit back and remain quiet.
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Empower our future and be a role model

We need to empower our future.  That starts with being role models for others -not only our children, but our neighbors, our clients, our followers, our readers, our co-workers, our employees, our family, and the strangers we encounter.  We are not born to hate or mildly or horribly disrespect or mistreat others.  Yes, it’s possible some of us come into this life with deep darkness in our souls, but I believe that is rare.  Most of the hate and anger is learned behavior.  Consequently, that means we have to display a different kind of behavior, so that others learn from our positive actions.

So, STAND up, STAND out and get your voice heard.  You don’t have to change the world by yourself.  You don’t have fix the entire issue of racism (or misogyny or xenophobia or homophobia), but you can and must take action.  It may only be posts on social media or your blog.  Perhaps, you join a local organization to help create positive change.  It may be that you finally write your book.  Whatever it looks like for you, it is vital that you do it.  No more sitting back and remaining silent for whatever reason.  No more excuses that we’re too busy with our own lives or that we’re afraid of what others might say.  

If you’re a true leader and if you’re truly passionate about making an impact, then the world…yes, not just the USA, but the world is calling you to…I repeat…STAND up, STAND out and get your voice heard.
Honoring you all,
Janelle xo
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How Can Your Dark Side Make You More Successful?

How can your dark side make you more successful?

Are you constantly trying to fit in -be what or who someone else expects you to be?  

Won’t they point and criticize you?

I’ve been there. After all, if you stand out -if you’re the tallest poppy, won’t you get cut down? Won’t people look at you and point at you and criticize you because you don’t fit into their box. You don’t fit into what they believe you should be or you don’t behave in the way they expect?


In the clip I share below, Tim Minchin sings about this perspective. I’m sharing his video clip because he’s frickin’ amazing. But, here’s the deal he didn’t fit into the music industry’s expectations. He didn’t fit into the box of what a pianist is supposed to be. Nor did he fit into what a comedian is supposed to be like.

Does he have a dark side?

Is he deep? Does he have a darkside? Hell yes! We all do for pity sakes, but Tim worked with his. In fact, he went far beyond just working with it. He knows his inner powers -his amazing strengths- and he’s ran with them to create an exceptionally successful career all while sharing his powerful perspectives.

If you’re impressed by Tim, find out more about him here: www.timminchin.com.

Don’t hide your dark side from others

When you succumb to hiding your dark side, your uniqueness, and your crazy f****d up ideas from others…well, you end up just being another wallflower. No one will notice you. 

If you would prefer to just remain quiet, do your job, then go home and plop down watching a little TV or reading a book, then I’m not the right person to lift you up or kick you in the ass anyway 🙂 

Your absolute truth

But, the absolute truth is that you’re here because you want to make a difference in the world, you want to have a bigger impact, you want more influence – right? You’re here because you’ve been feeling the call. You know it’s your time.

A part of me feels like I can’t express this idea any better than Tim’s Dark Side performance. On the other hand, there are always numerous ways to express our views. Music is huge to me -after all I was a dancer and taught dance for a big portion of my life. That’s why I chose to use this example to get you to stop and think about not being like everyone else. To encourage you to stop giving in to other’s expectations of what you should do. 

Music and artists can reach into your soul

Music and artists can reach into your soul and touch pieces you may not have been able to touch yourself. In fact, one of my favorite exercises I teach when working with clients on bridging their “soul gap” is having them create a musical autobiography and then go deeper with it.  

Your mini-exercise today: Go listen to your favorite artists and really listen to the lyrics. Listen to your heart and listen to your soul. What do you feel? What lyrics stand out to you? What emotions are you feeling?

Oh, first, watch the video above of Tim playing the Dark Side. It’s deep, funny, and mind-blowing amazing piano playing!  

Recognize your dark side…and be bold enough to show it

Back to the overall point of today’s post…recognize your dark side. Embrace it in a way that works best for you. Be brave enough to show your uniqueness. Be bold enough to stand told and shout your message -in your style- from the rooftops.

Note – Tim sings near the end around the 12:20 mark: “F***ing I can have a dark side too. F****ing woo!”  I love this!

Your own personal crazy

When you know your own personal crazy, you know your own strengths and you learn how to use those strengths (your inner powers) in a way that inspires you and brings you the attention you want and need to make a real difference in the world, then you know how your dark side can make you more successful!

Janelle Alex – Transpersonal Business Coach & Shaman for Successful Women who feel the call to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

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