Your Inner Powers Can Make or Break Your Book

Vital Knowledge to Help You Create Success

We all have inner powers -stengths and weaknesses- but far too often we aren’t fully aware of what they are. Yet, they play a huge role in not only our day-to-day actions, choices, successes and failures, but they impact our overall success. That means they also can give us vital knowledge to use when getting our message out to the world through our writing. Ignoring them or not being aware of them in the first place puts us at a disadvantage when we’re standing on the precipice of success or failure. We can just sit there…waiting or we can take flight and see what happens. Knowing or not knowing our inner powers means we will either fall or soar.

Know Your Soul Gifts

We come into this life with particular gifts. It’s who we are at the core, and those gifts shine through in the way we write, in the way we create, in the way we tell stories, in the way we get our voice heard in the world. Ultimately, it’s how we show up in the world and do the work we’re meant to do.

To discover your soul gifts and relate them to your writing, I created Sacred Author Archetypes™. Take the quiz and find out what your Sacred Author Archetype™ is. Are you a Jaguar, a Dolphin, an Eagle or a Butterfly?

Your soul gifts help support you in doing your work in the world. They help you stand out and achieve your goals. In fact, they help you accomplish your soul mission in this particular lifetime. If you aren’t sure what your soul mission (or mission in life or life purpose) is, get a copy of Soul Gap: Rediscover the colors of your soul and fulfill your life’s mission (Kindle version is only $.99).

Reveal Your Sacred Author Archetype™ Agreement

Your Sacred Author Archetype™ Agreement could be described as your overreaching theme in your life and in your work and your writing. You can find out what yours is in a couple of minutes if you jump over and take the quiz -it’s only 10 questions, but it’s profound.

I’ll give you an example. My main Sacred Author Archetype is Jaguar – The Advocate, so I’ll share the agreement for her: To walk a solitary path with passion and courage. What does that mean? It means she (you if that is you, too) is willing to stand out, stand in the spotlight, speak out even when her voice may be quite different than others. She’s brave enough to let other’s see her. She’s willing to take the mic. She’s willing to lead and she’s good at it. She’s willing to take on responsibility -often responsibilities that others aren’t willing to accept. She’s very passionate about certain topics or certain people, places or things. In fact, sometimes she can get a little fiery or come across that way – after all, she knows how to roar. She’s courageous enough to keep moving forward even when the odds are against her and her message.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to see how our agreement relates to our own lives; that’s why we can all benefit from working with a powerful and supportive coach. If that’s something you want and feel ready for, apply to work with me, so we can work together to unleash your inner powers.

Become Consciously Aware of Your Gifts and Burdens

When you learn to recognize your gifts you’ll be able to use them to be more successful. You’ll discover the best ways for you to approach not only writing your book but you’ll discover the best ways to approach getting the word out. In fact,  you will come to learn that you have hidden gifts and you’ll get the chance to know, deep in your heart, that they’re there within you…just waiting on you to embrace them.

Beyond that you’ll shine a light on your burdens. Doing that will enable you to respect them, which means you can consciously choose to avoid the things that bring those burdens to the forefront when you can. Plus, you’ll feel less stress and your work and your writing will be more fulfilling and light you up.

Trying to do what everyone else does or following what some “guru” or even your colleagues are doing is just not necessarily the best for you, your work and your book. If you want to achieve success (whatever that looks like for you) and if you want to make a real difference in the world (or just your local community), then you it’s vital that you discover your Sacred Author Archetype™, so you can uncover your gifts and burdens.

Why Know Your Inner Powers

Your inner powers help you understand how you work best. They help you see who you’re really meant to work with or write for. When you free your rebel soul…yep, that’s when you’ll find the perfect ways to reach the people, the clients and the soon-to-be raving fans of your work and your book(s). And, finally you’ll be conscious of what lifts you up and what makes you cringe. You’ll be excited to share your message far and wide and you’ll know how to do that in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or super stressful. This is your time – no more wondering how to make your work and your book a bigger success. The answers are at your finger tips. 

Janelle Alex – The Writer’s Shaman for Women who feel the call to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know how to start.  

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