5 Reasons Storytelling is Vitally Important: It’s MUSIC to the Soul

Storytelling is Absolutely Vital in Our World

Storytellers are leaders, educators, entertainers and transporters. By now, you probably know that I use Sacred Author Archetypes to represent the inner powers you have within you as a writer. Knowing your archetype is can make a dramatic difference when you’re trying to write posts, articles, or books that you want others to voraciously consume.

Furthermore, understanding what I call MUSIC of Writing will take your message, your story, to a much deeper level. It will help you expand the quantity of people you reach. It’s just as important as know your Sacred Author Archetype.

M = Make a connection

When you make a connection with your readers they’re far more likely to keep reading and be excited about taking in the message or story you’re sharing with them. This is when you open the door for them to experience real transformation. Share in the comments below one way you make a connection with your readers.

U = Unforgettable

Write your story (or include enough story in your non-fiction), so that your readers will remember what you’ve given them for weeks, months and hopefully years to come.  Making it unforgettable makes it easier for them to tell others about it, which is the “S” in  “MUSIC”. Share in the comments below one reason you believe your story is unforgettable.

S = Share

Connecting to your readers and writing a story that is unforgettable creates an excitement around your writing that causes readers to tell their friends, family members, co-workers, clients, etc. about it.  But, it’s also important to appropriately ask people to share your work, too. Share in the comments below one way you gently, but lovingly ask people to share your story or writing.

I = Inspire to Take Action

If you pull your readers in and help them bond on an emotional and spiritual level with the characters, case studies, you or your message, you’ll have created a platform for which you to stand on. Once you’ve done that, you’ve earned the right to urge them into action. It may be action they take to make a difference in their own life or it may be action that affects the world on a bigger stage. Share in the comments below one action -specific or not- you hope your readers will take.

C = Create Positive Change

Creating positive change is the ultimate goal of writing on purpose and writing for…well, change. I had a client a couple of years back who changed his life because of reading Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery, and I’ve had clients and colleagues who changed their lives after reading work by Wayne Dyer or Elizabeth Gilbert. Personally, I created positive change in my life after reading Parker J. Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak. Fiction and non-fiction, intentionally and unintentionally can create change in someone’s life. Share in the comments below one positive change you hope to see because of your writing.

Janelle Alex – The Writer’s Shaman for Women who feel the call to make a real difference in the world, but don’t know how to start.  

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